Enchanted Unicorn

Welcome to the UK exclusive new release by IGT. Highly requested and already famous, the UK can now play Enchanted Unicorn slot online with 100 free.

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The name of this game might have you thinking that you’re in a child’s fairy tale. The titular enchanted unicorn seems more suited to something on the
Disney Channel than something in a slot game. But don’t let this strange fantasyland fool you. There are plenty of ways to win big in this game.
Enchanted Unicorn features 5 reels and 20 paylines along with wilds, multipliers, two scatter symbols, and even a special bonus round. There is a load
of fantasy elements in this game with princes, damsels, and even a kingly lion. There’s even a gamble feature that has the potential to double any of
your winnings below 3,000 coins. The unicorn acts as the magical conduit between all these characters. The game also features magical tunes and
noises that set it apart from many other games. The top jackpot here is worth 2,000 coins.

Virtually anyone who’s played a slot game even once in their lives understands the concept of winning a jackpot. In this game, the concept of winning a
jackpot is still the same. Players need to get five of the most highly-valued symbols on an active payline to win the 2,000-coin jackpot. Of course, winning
the jackpot is never easy, but you can help yourself out a bit by enabling all 20 paylines. This game only requires that players place a bet of 20 coins (one
coin for each payline) to activate every payline on the reels. This way, you never have to worry about hitting the jackpot or getting a win on any disabled
payline. The symbol you need to win the jackpot comes in the form of the majestic lion. Five lion symbols on an active payline will net you those 2,000
coins you so richly deserve. The king of the jungle can make you the king of this fantasyland.

Moon: The moon often plays a role in many fantasy epics by indicating time or place or one’s requirement to become wolf. The moon here is bright blue and
effervescent and brings to mind the phrase, “Once in a blue moon.” Of course, you won’t have to wait for any real blue moons to potentially get some huge
payouts. The moon symbol appears on all five reels and acts as a basic scatter symbol. It doesn’t trigger any bonus rounds, but it can get as much as 100 times
your initiating bet. That will happen if you find five scattered anywhere on the reels. You really only need to find three on the reels to get a multiplied win.
Three moon symbols anywhere will triple your initiating bet.

Treasure Chest: Just like in any good fairy tale, there’s treasure to be had here. The treasure chest scatter symbol is likely the most lucrative symbol in the
game if you happen to find it on the reels. It will only appear on reels one and five, but if it shows up on both of those reels at the same time, it will trigger
the Unicorn Treasure Chest Bonus. Once triggered, the game will take you to a screen with five rows of six squares each. You’ll be allowed to progress from
the bottom row to the top row in your effort to find the most treasure. Players must start on the bottom row by choosing one of the squares in that row.
Behind each square you’ll find a unicorn, a coin value, or an evil wizard. Obviously, if you find a coin value, you’ll be awarded that value. If you find a unicorn,
you’ll be awarded every coin value in that particular row for a potentially huge payout. If you choose a square that has an evil wizard hiding behind it, the bonus
game will end. You’ll still get to keep any bonus money you earned even if you run into the evil wizard.

Wild Symbols: The trusty unicorn makes his appearance as the wild symbol in this game. With his single horn and white fur, he’ll have you in a magical state of
mind. Indeed, even though the unicorn wild symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, it maintains the status of being as enchanted as the game’s title
suggests. It can fill in for any regular symbol (i.e. not the two scatter symbols) in the game to make winning combinations. But the real benefit of the unicorn
wild symbol is its role as a multiplier. Indeed, finding just one unicorn symbol in a winning payline will get you double the payout. But, if you find three in a winning
payline, you’ll get 8 times the regular payout. (Note: any win featuring the lion symbol will not be multiplied by the inclusion of any unicorn symbols).

Other symbols:
Prince: This prince is relatively reminiscent of Prince Charming. He’s sporting a crown, a cloak, and a shimmering blonde mane that would make any distressed
damsel swoon. He might also repulse non-distressed damsels; it’s really unclear. Either way, the prince symbol has the potential to be quite lucrative for
you. He features a top payout of 750 coins for five on an active payline.

Damsel: As noted previously, it’s unclear whether or not this damsel is distressed. She looks perfectly capable of handling herself and whatever enchanted
unicorns might come her way. Unlike the real world, there is no gender inequality in terms of pay. Her top payout is worth just as much as the prince: 750 coins.

Flora: The remaining five symbols are all depicted as various plant (or fungal) paraphernalia. The symbols include the rose, mushroom, mulberry, pinecone,
and acorn. The rose has the most valuable top payout at 200 coins while the rest of the magical florae each have 100-coin top payouts for five in a row.

Betting Limits:
The betting limits in this game are quite simple to understand. Players can bet between 1 and 20 paylines at between 1 and 5 coins per payline. Therefore,
you can bet as low as 1 coin on a single payline or as much as 100 coins on all 20 paylines. A 20-coin wager is all that is required to activate all paylines. Coin
values in this game can range from as low as 0.01 to as astronomically high as 5.00. For extreme high-rollers, the actual top bet in some versions of the game
can be worth 500.00. Other versions of the game have a max coin value of only 1.00 for a true top bet of 100.00. Higher coin values are commensurate with
higher top payouts. Players can bet as low as 0.20 if they just want to enable all paylines.

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